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MPMTA Starting New Study Group 101 09-17-12 Sandra
MTA Coalition packs the Congressional House Rules Committee 04-11-13 Jennifer
MTA Organization Wins Victory in Beaverton 04-03-13 Sandra
MTA says Citizens United 2.0?! HELL NO! 10-08-13 Sandra
Needham Town Meeting passes resolution to oppose Citizens United 05-16-12 Emily Cataneo
New State Coalition website 10-29-12 Kirk
New Study Group Forming For June, Please Join! 05-22-12 Sandra
Newport & Yachats Citys declare Corporations are NOT People 04-20-12 Jennifer
Now you can listen to Move to Amend Radio 01-16-13 Jennifer
Oregon Stands up to Corporations 08-22-13 Kirk
Our Study 201 Seminar on American Democracy continues next Wednesday December 11, 2013 11-17-13 Sandra
Petition to the House Rules Committee in Support of HJM6 04-04-13 Jennifer
Please Come to Our July 20, 2015 General Membership Meeting at 7pm 03-19-15 Sandra
Press coming in on HJM 6 Success 07-03-13 Sandra
Reason #1 SCOTUS Will Regret Hobby Lobby. 07-07-14 Sandra
Reminder: Monday June 16 Monthly Meeting 03-15-14 Sandra
Rep James McGovern Introduces Two Constitutional Amendments to Overturn Citizens United 01-25-13 Jennifer
Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world 08-25-13 Jennifer
Robert Reich: Most Americans have no influence at all 03-12-15 Sandra
Sen. Merkley in Newport: Gets anti-Citizens United message – gives thoughts on “state of Washington D.C. 01-15-13 Jennifer