MPMTA Steering Committee Minutes
July 15, 2013

Attendees: Rich Harisay, Sandy Oliver-Poore, Anita Richardson, Don Nelson, Kirk Leonard, Bobbie Cade, Rick Saul (Anita facilitated; Bobbie scribed.) (Anita will facilitate the GM for Dean who is working.)
Agenda: Approval of Minutes, Introductions, Old Business, New Business, General Meeting (GM)
Agenda, ORCD State Initiative, Future Outreach (tabling, forums, speaker’s bureau, press releases),
501c3, MTA Conference Call, OR Convergence
Minutes: Discussion on 7/1/13 SC minutes resulted in clarifying that tabling was included in Outreach; the word ‘Adjourned’ was added at the bottom.  Rich proposed and Anita seconded that the minutes be approved with the noted changes.  Minutes passed unanimously.  
Communication:  Who does the web site posting?  Sandy, Kirk and Jennifer Peery are the contacts. 
Rick Saul wants to post a monthly newsletter.  Discussion resulted In Rick and Sandy agreeing to form a subcommittee to make it happen. 
Future Outreach: Rich has started a Speaker’s Bureau list.  This needs to be brought up at the GM as a subcommittee is needed to make this idea and Forums a reality. 
Rich volunteered to be the person who writes press releases – he has started a list of who to contact for information releases. 
Don has sign-up sheets for this weekend’s Art Fair.  He has contracted with Art Fair staff; we must not take our tabling inside the fence. 
501c3:  Kerry will make every effort to get the forms completed.  Sandy proposed and Kirk seconded that they be ready by the next SC meeting, though no later than the next GM.  Deadline approved by all.
MTA Conference Call:  Tomorrow is one of the two monthly MTA Conf Calls.  To join in, at 5 pm call 916
469-4760, and enter code 506764#.  Anyone can call and listen; to speak requires listening in to a few to learn the procedure for speaking. 
Convergence:  It is Oct 5 in Eugene.  While National MTA does not want ORDC to be part of it, many members of ORDC belong to MTA too and so will be, at least unofficially, present. 
Agenda for GM:  Introductions, Announcements, 501c3, OR Convergence, Future Outreach (tabling – Art Fair, forums, press releases, speaker’s bureau), MTA Conference Call 

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