Marion Polk Move To Amend
General Meeting 6/17/13
IKE Box 7pm

IN ATTENDANCE:  Kirk Leonard, Sandy Oliver-Poore, Cecilia Craig, Caroline Bridges, Dean Georgacopoulos, Jennifer Peery, Rich Harisay, Don Nelson, Joel Rosenblit, Anita Owen, Bev Nodzak
AGENDA:  Website, Education (Study Groups), HJM6/Initiative, State Fair and other summer activities, Tabling, Convergence, Timeline
WEB SITE:                                                                                                                                     Jennifer said there is a new tab for videos - Judge Wait and Thom Hartmann’s speech when in Salem; she mentioned that there is a news feed tab.
Sandy said she thinks those who took the first two ten week Study Group 101 sessions need to take them again as a refresher.  Rich wants study groups pushed at all tabling events; his new de Tocqueville class might be ready in August.  There will be an education committee meeting soon.  Sandy will create tabling sign-up sheets.
HJM6 passed the House Rules Committee today!  Rich plans to contact Frank Dixon.  Dean wants us to reach out to more Republicans; Joel said we need to soft-peddle contacts with Democrats to show Republicans we are neutral.  The session will end 6/28 unless it is extended. 
National wants all affiliates to consider a state initiative in 2014.
STATE FAIR: Rich said there is not much luck getting assistance from the affiliates.  Portland may help; Grants Pass won’t help.  There may not be enough man power.  The cost will be $1,130 for a 10x10 booth.  The deadline for securing the booth is July 1.
Kirk suggested a motion to have a tabling meeting to set up an agenda at potential events.  Bev seconded it; it passed.  The meeting is 6/28 at 6pm at IKE Box.  Sandy, Bev, Cecilia, Anita, Caroline, Rich and Don will meet.
CONVERGENCE: National wants an Oregon convergence in the fall, to help us set and meet goals.  Discussion resulted in agreement that MPMTA needs to make it happen.  
Dean suggested that we create a timeline which shows our current successes and project future goals on it. 

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