MPMTA Steering Committee Minutes
July 1, 2013

Attendees: Rich Harisay, Bev Nodzak, Sandy Oliver-Poore, Anita Richardson, Don Nelson, Dean Georgacopoulos

Agenda: ORCD State Initiative/OR Convergence, Future Outreach (tabling, education, new classes, publicity), 501c3

ORCD State Initiative/Convergence: Discussion needed at Gen Mtg as National MTA wants an OR Convergence about a 2014 state initiative now that HJM6 has passed. 

Future Outreach: Rich moved that an article on the Web Site about ALEC be removed in the interest of pan-partisanship. Anita seconded it; it passed unanimously.

Since the passage of HJM6, the national petition form is the one to use for tabling.  The next tabling committee meeting is 7/8.  Each class and General Meeting should be promoted at tablings.

Rich suggested we create a speaker’s bureau.  It was not voted on. 
One way to promote/reach new members might be a play in the park; another way would be to create a power point and present it at Louck’s.

Press Releases could be submitted to papers etc, to announce our Study Group Classes.  Rich will speak with someone at the Statesman Journal.

HJM6 Celebration:  Sandy moved we hold a celebratory picnic ASAP.  Bev seconded it; it passed unanimously.

501c3:  Rich wants the complete steering committee members to be at the next SC mtg to discuss moving forward on the 501c3. 

Agenda for Gen Mtg:  (Dean will run the next GM; a door prize will be given.  Rich will request that Brian Clem be a speaker.)
Agenda items: 501c3, ORDC, OR Convergence, Future Outreach (includes tabling)


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