MPMTA General Meeting Minutes
July 15, 2013

Attendees: Rich Harisay, Sandy Oliver-Poore, Anita Richardson, Don Nelson, Kirk Leonard, Bobbie Cade, Anita Owen, Ken Jopp, Kerry Fox, Joel Rosenblit, Bev Nodzak, Jennifer Peery
Anita R will facilitate, Kerry stack, Jennifer time, Bobbie and Bev scribe

Agenda: Introductions, Announcements, Old Business, New Business, Future Outreach (tabling, forums, speaker’s bureau, press releases), 501c3, MTA Conference Call, OR Convergence

Minutes: Kirk proposed and Rich seconded, that draft minutes will be finished within one week and posted on the web site in order for attendees to read and suggest corrections etc.  After corrections etc are received, a final draft of minutes will be posted.  Sandy will link to the latest minutes in her monthly meeting announcement and they will be approved, becoming final, at the next GM.  Motion carried.

Future Outreach: Rich has agreed to take the lead in helping create a Speaker’s Bureau contact list.  The National MTA web site has resource material.  Bobbie proposed and Anita R seconded that a committee be formed to make a Speaker Bureau happen.  Rich, Sandy, Kirk, Anita R, Joel and honorary member Anita O will comprise that subcommittee.

Rich wants to continue to be the point person about press releases; Kirk has written press releases. 
Don has sign-up sheets for this weekend’s Art Fair.  He created three hour shifts for Fri and Sat, and 3.5 hour shifts for Sun.  He has contracted with Art Fair staff and agreed we will not table inside the fence.  He will be given a phone list to contact those not in attendance who may be able to table.  Bobbie will create a flyer.  Jennifer will tutor tabling at the Wed market.    
501c3:  Kerry will make every effort to get the forms completed to apply to be a 501c3.  Sandy proposed and Kirk seconded that they be ready by the next SC meeting, though no later than the next GM.  All approved the deadline. The balance in our account is $1,454.60. 

MTA Conference Call:  Tomorrow is one of the two monthly MTA Conf Calls.  To join in, at 5 pm call 916 469-4760.  The code is 506764#.  Anyone can call and listen; to speak requires listening in to a few to learn the procedure for speaking. 

OR Convergence:  It is a one day event on Oct 5 in Eugene, to discuss/plan how to go forward following the passage of HJM6.  Discussion included recognizing that educating the uninformed is critical if an initiative is going to be successful.  Determining who other stakeholders are, and suggesting a feasibility study – is National doing one? – are important.  National will provide legal support.  While National MTA does not want ORDC to be part of the Convergence even though they were instrumental in the passage of HJM6, many members of ORDC belong to MTA too and so will be, at least unofficially, present.  Bev proposed and Bobbie seconded that a subcommittee be created to ensure there is good information to have ready for the Oct gathering.  Motion carried.  Bev, Kirk, Rich and Sandy will form it. 


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