MPMTA Steering Committee Minutes
Aug 5, 2013

Attendees: Sandy Oliver-Poore, Anita Richardson, Kirk Leonard, Bobbie Cade, Bev Nodzak, Dean Georgacopoulos, Rich Harisay

Agenda: Annual meeting for both OAP and MPMTA needed in Sept; Elections; 7/3 National Call; Web; Debrief Art Fair; National MTA (Kirk); Visit K Schrader; Agenda for the General Meeting
Minutes: (Minutes were posted to the MPMTA website earlier.) 
Annual Meeting: OAP will meet first – Kirk will lead - 20 needed for a quorum and a notice must go out 14 days ahead.  Sandy will ask for an RSVP when she sends the notice.  Then MPMTA will meet – prizes will be given; Bev and Anita will make a gift basket.  Dean suggested a 5 minute presentation.
Elections: Anita proposed and Bobbie seconded that everyone participate.  Sandy objected until rules can be checked.
National Call: On 7/3/13 there was a burning issue about partisanship and the expression Social Movement (SM).  Anita asked what D Cobb meant when he used the term SM; Kirk says Cobb meant that it’s difficult to separate one issue from another as there is a thread weaving through them – though MPMTA is a one issue organization.  But just working together on the MTA issue brings out other issues which is complex as bringing in other issues can make it more difficult to remain non-partisan.  Sandy reported that Jackson Co dropped from MTA because of the partisanship.  This assembly will discuss this issue at a future meeting.  Kirk will contact J Limb of Jackson Co about this.  Sandy will contact Gretchen about it.  Rich says he thinks that this issue will be resolved once the issue is on the ballot. 
Sandy said she sent the MTA Monthly Report.
Communication:  Kirk wants to postpone the discussion on the web work. 
Future Outreach: Don was not present to help debrief the ART Fair, so the debriefing was postponed.  Jennifer had let us know that she must work on Mondays so will not be attending any meetings; Sandy will set up an on-line poll asking if there is a better day to meet.
HJM6:  Kirk said that MTA recognizes OR legislature passed a resolution – they put it into the "Resolutions that Don't Fully Address Corporate Constitutional Rights" group.

Agenda for General: This will be done at the next meeting.


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