MPMTA Steering Committee Minutes
Aug 19, 2013

Attendees: Sandy Oliver-Poore, Anita Richardson, Kirk Leonard, Bobbie Cade, Bev Nodzak, Dean Georgacopoulos, Rich Harisay, Kerry Fox, Don Nelson

Agenda: Annual meetings for OAP and MPMTA are next month – Elections too; 8/20 National Call; Communication/Outreach (Debrief Art Fair/Tabling); Convergence Exercise; By-laws; Study Group; GM Agenda
Minutes: Draft minutes will be posted to the MPMTA website and replaced with final minutes after corrections etc come in.  Sandy asked if minutes were needed for OAP, and Kirk said yes.  Should they be posted to our website?  Rich proposed and Dean seconded that we discuss this at the next SC meeting.
Annual Meeting: OAP will meet first – Kirk will facilitate – 20 members are needed for a quorum and a notice must go out 7 days ahead.  MPMTA will meet second.  A gift basket, and presentation by Rich, will be promoted to entice members to attend. 
Elections:  Sandy determined members must have attended three meetings to be able to vote.  Sandy will create a spread sheet with the persons eligible to vote.   
National Call: Aug 20, 2013 is the next National Call.  Sandy will send SC members who do not receive notices a way to sign up to receive notices about it.  Sandy said she sent the MTA Monthly Report.
Communication/Outreach, Tabling/Debrief Art Fair:  The debriefing will be at the General Meeting when more tablers are present.
It was suggested the banner be displayed at the annual meeting; everyone agreed.  It was suggested the timeline be displayed too; Bobbie suggested it be displayed every meeting. Kirk will contact Bill Wolf as he thinks Bill has a banner still.   
Several members want the ‘money’ stamp.  Bobbie will determine if Fox Blue can offer a bulk rate. 
Convergence:  Kirk has several strategies that are being considered for the 10/5 meeting and he’ll poll members for their preferences. 
Misc:  The first Mon in Sept SC meeting will be moved to 9/4 to accommodate the holiday. 
Agenda for GM:  Same as SC agenda.  See above. 

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