MPMTA General Meeting Minutes                                                                                                      August 19, 2013                                                                                                                                        IKE Box

Attendees: Rich Harisay, Sandy Oliver-Poore, Anita Richardson, Don Nelson, Kirk Leonard, Bobbie Cade, Kerry Fox, Joel Rosenblit, Bev Nodzak, Dean Georgacopoulos
Kirk facilitate, Kerry stack, Bobbie and Bev scribe

Agenda: Annual meetings for both OAP and MPMTA are next month – Elections too; 8/20 National Call; Communication/Outreach (Debrief Art Fair/Tabling); Convergence Exercise; Study Group; Treasurer Report; Newsletter; Agenda for the General Meeting  
Minutes: Minutes will be posted to the website. 
Annual Meeting: OAP will meet first; Kirk will facilitate - 20 are needed for a quorum and a notice must go out at least 7 days ahead – Sandy has mailed once already.  MPMTA will meet second; Rich will facilitate.  A gift basket and presentation on democracy by Rich will be promoted to entice members to attend. 
Elections:  Sandy determined members must have attended three meetings to be able to vote.   Members will be encouraged to attend and become involved. 
National Call: Aug 20, 2013 is the next National Call.  Sandy will send SC members who do not receive notices a way to sign up to receive future notices about it. 
Communication/Outreach; Tabling/Debrief Art Fair:  Kirk expressed and everyone acknowledged, how well Don did making tabling a success at the Art Fair – especially that Don was able to get Sunday staffed.
A discussion about the need to contact those who check the ‘volunteer’ box on petitions resulted in a committee comprised of Anita R, Bev, Dean, Kirk, Sandy and Rich, who will meet to plan how to strengthen our membership, get volunteers involved and strategize recruitment of new members.  Bev suggested a hand-out when tabling about our meetings.  Anita R will contact Jennifer Peery who contacts those who sign her petitions on Wednesday’s tabling to glean helpful hints.  Kerry will send SC members a link to recruitment ideas. 
It was suggested the banner be displayed at the annual meeting.  Bobbie suggested the timeline be displayed every meeting. 
Several members want the ‘money’ stamp.  Bobbie will determine if Fox Blue can offer a bulk discount rate. 
It was suggested that a ‘class’, on how to respond in a non-confrontational way to those who seem to want to argue politics when members are speaking about corporations not being people and money is not speech, is needed.  Bobbie will check with Peter Bergel.
Sandy asked if the newsletter format she’s sending works for people.  There is a link to our Face Book. 
Convergence:  Kirk has items that MTA wants considered for the 10/5 meeting and would like members’ three top choices from:  Anti-oppression tools, coalition building, group process, local campaign strategy, state campaign strategy, using nation builder, and volunteer recruitment.  The top three chosen by MPMTA members, in order, were volunteer recruitment, followed by state strategy, with a tie for third of local strategy and group process.  Kirk will report back to MTA. 
Study Group:  Study Group 201 with Rich giving his 4 sessions on de Tocqueville’s philosophy on democracy starts Sept 25th, and then are the second and fourth Wed in Oct and the second Wed in Nov.  Rich will send a list of reading materials; he will do press releases.
Treasurer Report: Kerry reported a balance of approximately $2,170.  She and Kirk will meet to complete the application for the 501c3.
Agenda for GM:  Annual meetings for both OAP and MPMTA are next month – Elections too; 8/20 National Call; Communication/Outreach (Debrief Art Fair/Tabling); Convergence Exercise; By-laws; Study Group; Agenda for the General Meeting
Misc:  The first Mon SC meeting will be moved to 9/4 to accommodate the holiday. 
Bobbie will contact Anita Owen about the Health Care 4 All meeting that is happening simultaneously with MPMTA to determine if either HC4A or MPMTA might consider changing days or times as members overlap and thus miss one meeting or the other.

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