In attendance:  Bobbie Cade, Michele Alderson, Kerry Fox, Jerry Schrader, Kirk Leonard, Dean Georgaopoulos, Ken Jopp, Jennifer Peery, Bill Wolf, Judy Bettencourt, Bev Nodzak, Rich Harisay, Jan DeVito, Caroline Bridges, Cecilia Craig, Thomas Ball, Joel Rosenblit, Anita Owen
Agenda: Introductions, Treasurer’s Report, Announcements, Old Business, New Business
Introductions: New attendees were welcomed.  MTA was explained for the benefit of new people.
Treasury:  It has about the same as last time as the amount of money which came in as a result of the State Fair was about equal to the amount spent for the booth.   Kerry will take over; Bobbie will scribe.
Announcements: The monthly affiliate meeting is tomorrow at 5pm at 209 647-1600, code 458936#.  Jennifer will ‘attend’ but get on late.  Later, it was decided Kirk will be on it and be the one spokesperson MPMTA is allowed.  Anyone else can join to listen. 
Tomorrow at 5 pm, a ‘City Hall Week’ meeting at the 50+ Senior Center for citizens to get together with representatives, will give four MPMTA members an opportunity to discuss which questions MPMTA would like asked and answered.  They will meet at 4pm to determine questions. 
Study Group 101: It will start its next class very soon, using WILPF material. Go to the new website of WILPF at to visit its new website; 
Beyond Coal: Coal trains through Salem on their way to Coos Bay have opposition and a campaign is being kick-started on  Sep. 19 at the Library, Anderson Room by the Sierra Club. 

Rich Harisay has a town hall meeting in Sweet Home tomorrow at 5:30 pm.
October 17 is a Peace Lecture at Willamette Univ. Hudson Hall at 7:30 pm.
Old Business: The State Fair brought 1100+ signatures.  It was considered a success given it had not been done before by any members. Hard work was noted and appreciated at this and other meetings. Critical question:  What is the plan for getting petitions distributed to gather a sufficient number of signatures?
The State Memorial (known as a resolution in other cities/states) was submitted by last week’s deadline; Brian Clem supports it and it will be presented. 
Kurt Schrader was visited by seven people and the impression was that he was interested, polite though not overly committed to the MPMTA position – just to the Citizen’s United portion.  This resulted in discussion about the other national organizations which support parts of the platform of MTA, as well as detailing some of the differences between MTA and those other organizations.
New Business: An open question about what works or does not work for each with regard to MPMTA was asked of each member.  Responses included that it is clear that MTA is becoming better known; the energy of the individuals and group was recognized and appreciated; and while an uphill struggle, continuing awareness was the goal and successes made members proud.  It was suggested that members keep an eye on elections, maintain a calendar, and stay educated on this and relevant issues, such as watching ‘We’re Not Broke’.
A t-shirt quote: A new quote was received which would allow for a $5-$7.50 profit on each t-shirt sold for $20.  (A donation was made to the group after the meeting to allow this project to go forward.) 
501c3 Status:  Obtaining a status as a non-profit is still being worked on.
MPMTA needs volunteers: Help with projects is needed; Kirk will be point person.
MPMTA would like a Face Book administrator: It has a tweet group.
Kirk reported on the Statewide Affiliate call. The Language David Delk submitted to State Senator Jackie Dingfelder came back with all the corporate personhood language stripped out.  Her staff consulted Merkley’s office, so Kirk will organize a visit to Merkley in Portland and speak about the importance of corporate personhood – that campaign finance reform isn’t enough.  
Ideas for next events include: stay abreast of legislative issues; consider radio/TV such as CCTV and KMUZ; have a panel discussion; have an event at the Grand Theatre; burn ALEC in effigy; attend swap meets and local markets; table at the Peace Lecture; plan ahead – such as for a major spring event such as a Progressive Forum; invited David Cobb; table such as at the Progressive Film Series; put on street theater; put on a ‘free speech soap box’ demonstration; promote good government representation.
Bill adjourned the meeting at 8:30pm.

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