MPMTA Steering Group Minutes---Sept 16, 2013

Attendees: Anita, Bev, Bobbie, Dean, Kirk, Kerry, Rich & Sandy

Steering Group Agenda:

By-laws: There was a discussion about whether the OAP by-laws were in effect at this time. It was
decided that the by-laws were not yet in effect because we have not yet submitted our OAP 501c3
application for approval by the IRS; Kirk said he would facilitate completing the 501c3 application
process. It was decided that the by-laws be reviewed by a committee at a later time. Sandy moved that the OAP by-laws be not published on our website until the reviewed by-laws are finished and our 501c3 filing is submitted. Kirk seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.
Elections: It was decided that we would not vote for officers now, that the newly elected steering
group would elect the officers later. Our custom has been to have a minimum of five steering group
members. Anita moved OAP and MPMTA elections be held separately. Kirk seconded. All voted in
favor except Sandy opposed.
Twitter/Face book Announcements:  Sandy said she had an announcement for the annual meeting
that we had 81 hits in a single day on our website due to an article Kirk wrote and that was promoted on twitter and Facebook. Jennifer urges everyone to sign up for twitter and Facebook and learn to pass on or promote our announcements and articles. Anyone needing help can sign up for tutoring. We need to encourage everyone to use our website frequently.

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