The 9/16/13 OAP and MPMTA Annual Meeting was called to order by Kirk Leonard


Attendees: Cecelia Craig, Caroline Bridges, Michael Hansen, Jerry Schrader, Bobbie Cade, Kerry Fox, Kirk Leonard, Bev Nodzak, Rich Harisay, Thomas Ball, Joel Rosenblit, Don Nelson, Sandy Oliver-Poore, Ken Jopp , Bill Wolf, Pat Browning, Dean Georgacopoulos


Agenda : Elections, Treasurer’s report, announcements, reports.




OAP: Kirk announced that the OAP bylaws were being suspended, as they were irrelevant.

Bobbie moved to suspend OAP bylaws: Rich seconded. Passed unanimously


Rich opened nominations for OAP election, Sandy seconded, the measure passed unanimously.

Kirk Nominated: (not in this order)

Bobbie Cade

Sandy Oliver- Poore

Kirk Leonard

Mike Hansen

Jerry Schrader

Rich Harisay

Mike closed the nominations, Rich seconded, the motion passed unanimously

Vote to elect was unanimous.


MPMTA steering group members:

Elected members are:




Cecelia Craig




The motion to elect these nominees was made by Mike, Rich seconded, passed unanimously

Each group will elect officers.


Treasures’ Report: Kerry reported MPMTA has $2205.78 in the Bank



Web Group report:  Social Media Presence, Twitter, and Facebook- Same announcement as in Steering Group meeting.

MTA conference call is 9/17 (Tues. night) at 5pm. The call in number is 916 469-4760: Pin 506764


Kirk reported on Susan Strong’s presentation on Sun Sept 15 titled Learning To speak American and her book Move Our Message: How to Get America's Ear .Please visit their website  for more details and consider ordering her book online.


MTA Oregon State Convergence: Remember to sign up it in Eugene Oct 5. 2013 from approx. 10 am to 6 pm. David Cobb and Kaitlin are attending and the agenda is set by all Oregon affiliates and National; the event is one day only.

1.  State Initiative

2.  Volunteer initiation

3.  Local initiatives

4.  Anti-oppression, anti-racist principle. MTA is mostly older white people.

5.  No cost, gas and food will be provided UU congregation with whom MTA now has a national strategic alliance.


Kurt Schrader Group visit:  Bev and Kirk reported they and other members of the visiting group asked for a commitment on Fast Track and he didn’t give a definitive answer. Fast Track is when the Pres. sends a document to congress where no revisions are permitted; congress has 60 days to pass the treaty. Schrader indicated he may be leaning towards a “no” and may vote against it.


Schrader also seemed to be aware of the Nolan and Pocan We the People amendment and that he may talk to his peers regarding this matter.


MPMTA Newsletter Format:  Sandy asked if people liked, read, or had comments about the newsletter format we have been using for the since April, referring only to the appearance, not the program itself. There was general agreement it was fine although the feedback wasn’t overly enthusiastic. . There were no problems with it except Dean suggest we use more attention getting words and symbols in the title; Sandy answered  that research with MailChimp indicated flashy titles are often tagged as spam and must be avoided.



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