Legislative efforts: Apparently amended HJM 2, & SJR 5 are all dead for this legislative session. Both were stopped by the democratic leadership in the Oregon Legislature. HJM 2 was stopped because of fears about an Article V Convention. SJR 5 was stopped because it limits campaign contributions so clearly money still reins king in Oregon, one of only 6 states without campaign contribution limits. This speaks to the need for MPMTA to continue our Oregon work to end big money as political spending. We will evaluate our actions for the next Oregon legislative session. Remember ours is a multi-year effrt so don’t be discouraged.
Many Thanks to Oregon representative Earl Blumenauer, whohas signed on as a co-sponsor of HJR 48, the now introduced We The People Amendment saying that corporations are not people and money is not speech in the U.S. House Of Representatives.  See the notice from GovTrack.us and urge your own Representative to cosponsor HJR 48 here.

By Sandra Oliver-Poore

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