This is the peoples answer to end corporate personhood and the huge amount of money unduly influencing our political process. HJM 201 ties in with MTA and Wolf PACs efforts in each state to pass similar legislation so the Constitutional Convention can be called if new laws aren't passed before hand to fix these problems.
We apologize for the short notice requesting your help but we just learned of it ourselves. We need to first pass the House Rules Committee. Calls to these members are very helpful. Whether they are your representative or not doesn’t matter as the Rules Committee members represent the entire state in their rules committee work. Here is the list:
Please call your personal Oregon Senator and Rep. to register your support for HJM 201. Find them at this web address:
The Constitutional Convention is the only way for citizens to address grievances or issues other than electing our Senators, Representatives and asking them to introduce legislation. MTA has introduced the "We The People Amendment" in congress to accomplish this goal, ( but the chances of it coming up for a vote is extremely unlikely in today's political climate. Therefore, we are using the Constitutional Convention method through each state to achieve the aims of ending corporate personhood and of money spent on elections defined as free political speech.
The country got into this mess through a long series of Supreme Court decisions that created the legal fiction we call corporate personhood. Corporations now have the same rights as people under the Constitution and Bill of Rights in addition to their rights as corporations that separate them personally from the consequences of their actions.
These mistaken decisions also lifted many campaign rules that limited contribution and created Super PACs. The decisions include Citizens United (2010), McCutcheon (2014), Buckley v. Valejo (1976) and go back over 160 years to Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad (1886).
In November of 1787, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it's natural manure.” and that we should not go 20 years without such.
He had just received a copy of the new constitution (yet unratified.) He was commenting on Shay's rebellion. In later life, however he concluded that blood need not be shed. It was possible to address excessive governmental infringement on state and personal rights through the Article V convention (“a convention to propose amendments.”)
We are in the process of just such a 'rebellion' here in Oregon by having the Legislature apply for such a convention in HJM 201. This bill notifies Congress that Oregon is applying for an Article V convention to address Campaign and Election funding and the excess influence of Corporations on legislation.

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