They are: vice-chair  Val Hoyle (503.986.1414),  Phil Barnhart (503.986.1411), John Huffman (503.986.1459),  Dan Rayfield, 503.986.1416,  Barbara Smith Warner (503.986.1445),  Carl Wilson (503.986.1403).   
           Not sponsoring are just chair, Jennifer Williamson (503.986.1436),  Vic Gilliam (503.986.1418), and  Bill Kennemer (503.986.1439).
          Two of the five Senate Rules committee members have sponsored.  They are Lee Beyer (503-986-1706) and Brian Boquist (503-986-1712).  The three who have not sponsored are chair, Diane Rosenbaum(503-986-1721), vice-chair, Ted Ferrioli (503-986-1950), and Ginny Burdick (503-986-1718).
          States can directly influence the adoption of new Constitutional Amendments in two ways:
                  1. petitioning Congress for an amendment---Oregon petitioned Congress in 2013 by passing MTA's HJM 6.
                  2. applying for a Constitutional Convention---HJM 201 is an application for a Constitutional Convention.

Some say: Congress is unlikely to pass an Amendment that cuts their purse strings, so a Constitutional Convention is the only possible way to do it.
OR MTA says:Congress has responded in the past to the mere threat of a Constitutional Convention, for instance, passing the 17th Amendment for the direct election of Senators.
Those against HJM 201 say:Constitutional Conventions open the Constitution to drastic changes (runaway convention).
OR MTA says:There are two safeguards against unexpected amendments as a result of a runaway convention - specific instructions to delegates as to what they are permitted to consider as HJM 201 contains, and 3/4 of all states need to ratify any amendments which has proven difficult even with very popular amendments.

The House Rules Committee is scheduled to hear HJM 201 next Wednesday, 2/10
We need you to:
1. contact and thank those in the House Rules committee that support HJM 201
2. contact those on the committee who have not sponsored and ask that they vote for it in committee
3. contact your representative and senator and tell them that you want them to vote for HJM 201 whenever they have a chance.  If none of the folks listed above represent you, here is a link that will give you their contact information.

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