The MTA /Wolf PAC measure, HJM 201, will be heard by the Oregon State House Rules Committee Wednesday Feb 10th at the Salem Capitol building, Hearing Rm. 50 at 3 PM. 
Please help MTA and Wolf PAC right the gregious wrongs about big money buying our political system and corporate personhood and insure a fair election system. Support HJM 201 through your attendance tomorrow or a quick email or call to your Oregon State Representative, the House Rules Committee members, or submit your written testimony to the Rules committee. It would be very influential for you to attend the hearing as you did when we sponsored and passed HJM 6 in 2013. If you cannot attend, you may submit written testimony and/or call the Rules Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .Or phone: 503-986-1436). You do not have to be present for your testimony to be added to the record.