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Last month we offered an article about the basic pillars of Move To Amend: ending the incredible fiction that corporations are human beings, we call that corporate personhood. The second is getting the big money out of politics by ending the notion that money is free speech, it is property. This month we have an article about how we plan to implement those goals, written by our co-founder, Richard Harisay:

The Only Effective 28th Amendment

  There is no disagreement among MTA affiliates and MTA National that to be effective in providing the sovereign people of this state and this nation with a return of their democratic power the proposed 28th amendment must address both money in politics and the usurpation of that power, corporate personhood.MPMTA has employed several strategies to achieve the goal of a 28th Amendment:

1.  We have educated the public through tabling, rallies, and educational events.

2.  We have petitioned various government entities (cities, municipalities, and states) to call for a 28th Amendment. (Over 500 nationwide, including Silverton, Portland, and Corvallis have signed on.)

3.  We have submitted a resolution through the Oregon Legislature which resulted in HJM6 calling for a 28th Amendment.

4.  We have petitioned legislators (both at the state and federal levels) to pledge support for our 28th Amendment.

5.  We have used the initiative process to call for a ballot measure asking the people to approve a ballot measure in the 2016 election applying for a constitutional convention to force the adoption of a 28th Amendment (we are appealing the Secretary of State's refusal to issue a ballot title and authorize collection of signatures.

6.  We are currently requesting the State Legislature to pass a resolution, HJM4 (sponsored by Brian Clem), to call for a Constitutional Convention.

There is another organization called Wolf-Pac that is pressing the legislature to pass HJM2, which, unfortunately, does not specify what the Convention is called for. A Resolution has two sections The first is the WHEREAS. This section gives the background and reasons for the action proposed in the BE IT RESOLVED section. This last section is the only one that is legally binding. Therefore HJM2 in effect winds up calling for a Constitutional Convention that has no limits or boundaries (regardless of what it says in the WHEREAS section), a scary prospect.

HJM4 calls for a Convention, which will limit itself to considering an Amendment addressing: 1. the Constitutional rights of artificial entities and 2. Corporate Money in Politics. The Oregon State Coalition of MTA Affiliates is asking for your help in passing HJM4. Please call, email, or visit your state legislators (Representative and Senator) and ask them to vote against HJM2 and for HJM4. You may review these bills via the links below.